*Open Position* Street Reach Indy Program Manager

Program Manager – Street Reach Indy

CHIP is in the process of hiring a new Program Manager for Street Reach Indy (formerly known as Know Outlets). The job description can be found below or by clicking here. Resumes and cover letters may be sent to info@chipindy.org.

Position Overview

Downtown Indy Inc. and the Coalition for Homeless Intervention & Prevention of Greater Indianapolis (CHIP) for the purpose of supporting a collaborative effort to end homelessness in the downtown area through the creation of a new program manager position, development of stronger downtown business engagement, and the securing of funds through a public campaign for a barrier buster fund to serve those facing homelessness.


Project Goals

This project will have the following key goals:

  • Develop a survey tool and conduct it three times a year to better understand the housing/homeless situation for panhandlers in Indianapolis (once in winter, once in summer, and once during a large convention setting)
  • Establish a community call-in number where businesses and individuals can call to express concerns about aggressive panhandling and visible homelessness in the downtown area
  • Rebrand the Know Outlets program to a more representative name and relaunch greater awareness for alternative ways to give
  • Seek a flexible pot of funds that help secure housing and fund supportive expenses that lead to housing or maintain housing through the rebranded Know Outlets program
  • Assure the Professional Blended Outreach Team is aware and updated about community concerns related to panhandling and visible homelessness so they can approach unsheltered homeless appropriately
  • Connect homeless individuals into the Continuum of Care’s coordinated entry process and to housing and addiction treatment options
  • Track outcomes and implement evidence-based strategies that will have success
  • Resource these efforts with a new staff person who can move the needle and assure success


Program Manager Key Responsibilities
  • Cultivate strong relationships with businesses and individual donors
  • Solicit and secure donations and sponsorships from individuals and businesses specifically to fund the rebranded Know Outlets program
  • Assure effective recognition is provided to sponsors and donors, including thank you letters and other forms of recognition
  • Develop messaging and branding for the rebranded Know Outlets program in collaboration with Downtown Indy and CHIP staff
  • Recruit and train volunteers to the advisory committee who will help promote and implement the program
  • Coordinate and conduct an annual panhandling survey (three times annually) that focuses on an accurate census of panhandlers, how many are homeless, how many become housed annually, and identifying some of the behaviors of panhandlers
  • Coordinate with homeless service providers with the goal to connect homeless individuals into services and housing
  • Manage the fund distribution or project management for the rebranded Know Outlets as needed
  • Track outcomes and create monthly outcome reports