ACES Cost Analysis

CHIP contracted with Dr. Eric Wright of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Center for Health Policy, IUPUI, to study the impact of the Action Coalition to Ensure Stability (ACES) program. ACES served chronically homeless individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders. The analysis of the ACES program demonstrated a 75% reduction in public healthcare costs when comparing participants’ pre- and post-enrollment medical charges. These charges accounted for a $9,000 per-person reduction for the 49 ACES clients who were studied. When extrapolated to the entire 121 clients disenrolled from the project after September 1, 2004, the result is an estimated savings of over $1 million. This data, combined with the Public Services Utilization Cost Study results, is used to support additional funding for housing first/housing plus programs in the community.  Download a copy of the ACES Impact on Costs Issue Brief.