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Annual Homeless Persons Memorial Service

Thank you to all those who attended or volunteered to make the 2023 Homeless Persons’ Memorial Service something truly special.

If you were unable to attend, check out the service in the video below.

The Homeless Persons’ Memorial Service is held with the help of many people. We want to thank those who contributed their time and energy to this year’s service including all of the those who gave of their time, talent, and selves. We thank the candleholders and volunteers, as well as Christ Church Cathedral for providing lunch. A special thanks to Roberts Park United Methodist Church and Christ Church Cathedral for helping with planning efforts. We also would like to thank the volunteer String Quartet made up of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra members for sharing their artistry through the power of music. A special thanks to all the people in the community who share a commitment of working together to end homelessness in Indianapolis.

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​If you are interested in supporting the collective effort to end homelessness in Indianapolis, please consider donating.

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