Corporate Engagement

CHIP offers and creates meaningful corporate engagement opportunities, including volunteer and giving options. These opportunities truly impact our community and allow employees to be a part of our mission of ending homelessness. If you're interested in getting involved, contact Tom Tuttle at or 317-472-7643


Corporate Kit Build

CHIP creates opportunities for caring volunteers to make a difference in our community. Together, we build snack packs or hygiene kits for those experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis. These kits are then used by street outreach teams to establish relationships with individuals living outdoors and serve as a stepping stone to get them connected to housing and care.


Skills-based Volunteering

Have a team with a special set of skills? Enjoy seeing a project from start to finish? Consider doing a skills-based volunteer experience to benefit CHIP. We can work collaboratively with you and your business to identify a project where we can utilize your knowledge and expertise in order to find a solution to one of our organization's projects or needs. By leveraging all types of skills, from IT support and strategic planning to marketing and HR consulting, skills-based volunteering helps CHIP expand our reach and become more sustainable, while allowing your employees an opportunity to build their leadership skills and be a part of ending homelessness in Indianapolis.


Poverty Simulation: A Day in the Life

Wonder what it's like to spend a day in the life of someone experiencing homelessness? CHIP can help your business or team get a feeling of what it's like to navigate the homeless system and obtain housing through our live poverty simulation. A board-game-like experience, each participant starts with a limited amount of resources in hand and must figure out how to secure the resources needed to obtain housing. The simulation experience is often paired with a reflective or panel discussion to deconstruct the experience and learn more about how homelessness is being addressed in Indianapolis.


Corporate Sponsorships

CHIP offers corporate sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Corporate sponsorships are a great way to offer public recognition of your business’s connection and support of ending homelessness. This can be a great way to attract new customers or to bolster your company’s reputation. In turn, CHIP receives financial support to help us establish housing solutions to effect community change. Your business can be a part of this change.


Interested in Making an Impact?

Contact Tom Tuttle at or 317-472-7643 for more information.