What Causes Homelessness?

Homelessness is a complex issue with numerous contributing factors, and it is essential to dispel misconceptions that often circulate in the conversation. The main drivers of homelessness are structural and systemic, such as a lack of affordable housing, income inequality, unemployment, and healthcare access. To effectively address homelessness, it’s crucial to recognize these underlying factors and work towards comprehensive, compassionate solutions that address the root causes, rather than stigmatizing those who are already vulnerable. CHIP works to continuously educate our community on these causes and our approach to solving the resulting challenges.

Service Provider Trainings

CHIP offers a wide variety of initiatives to ensure homeless service providers have the knowledge, skills, tools, and capacity to best meet the needs of their clients.

Working with the Indianapolis Continuum of Care, local funders, service providers, and national consultants, CHIP is dedicated to providing:

  • Training focused on building the knowledge and skills of staff at all levels
  • Best practices training when interacting with and supporting our homeless neighbors
  • Technical assistance focused on building and refining initiatives that impact the entire homeless system
  • Capacity-building efforts designed to enhance an organization’s ability to better serve its clients

Learning with CHIP

Education is a powerful catalyst for change. Whether you're looking to become an informed individual or have a desire to partake in organizational training, CHIP offers resources and tools necessary to continue learning about the homelessness crisis and our approach to solutions.

Reports and Resources
​CHIP’s research projects use data and information from our community, combined with national data to generate reports.
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Speaker Opportunities
Our staff welcomes the opportunity to speak publically on the state of homelessness. Please reach out to discuss potential engagements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homelessness is a complex issue with multifaceted causes. Some of the primary factors contributing to homelessness include lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment, systemic factors, and more.

It is important to note that these factors often interact, creating complex and interconnected challenges for individuals experiencing homelessness. Effective solutions require holistic approaches addressing the root causes of homelessness while providing support and resources.

CHIP board and staff members believe that successful efforts toward ending homelessness require the collective talents, resources, and commitment of the entire Indianapolis community. No one group or individual can address these issues alone.

CHIP coordinates the community’s response to homelessness through fundraising, research, and strategic planning.

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​Coordinated entry is a system used to connect people who are at-risk of or experiencing homelessness to services and housing resources. Through the coordinated entry system (CES), all households in need of homeless services can be connected to providers through a centralized assessment process.

CHIP Indy is the CES lead for the Indianapolis Continuum of Care (CoC), and provides management and oversight, training and technical assistance for CES.

Are you interested in CES Skilled Assessor Training?

CHIP has currently paused new Skilled Assessor Training to revamp the training material and implement the pilot vulnerability tool with the Indianapolis CoC. If you have questions or concerns, please connect with Matt Holland at

​Already a CES Assessor?

​If you already work alongside or within the Coordinated Entry System, contact us via email at for information about Case Conferencing, CES policy updates, and CES documents for Assessors and other providers.

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One of CHIP Indy’s primary initiatives is conducting research and providing data-driven reports about the state of homelessness in Indianapolis. You can visit our Resources page to find and download these reports.

You can also share CHIP’s social media channels to your network, and get involved in spreading CHIP’s mission through different forms of advocacy. Click here to learn more!

If your organization provides services to individuals experiencing homelessness in the Indianapolis area and would like to get involved in CHIP Indy’s coordinated community response, please visit our Indianapolis Continuum of Care’s partner page to learn more about current partners and next steps you can take.