Community Planning

CHIP collaborates with the Indianapolis Continuum of Care to develop and implement the Indianapolis Community Plan to End Homelessness. The five-year strategic plan outlines strategies to establish housing solutions to prevent and end homelessness.

Creating community-wide strategies to address homelessness requires the Continuum of Care to make data-informed decisions. CHIP uses data and research to inform the community on homelessness trends, system needs, and performance outcomes. We support the transformation of individual programs as well as the entire homeless services system to reach the community’s goals.


Support Entity to Continuum of Care

CHIP serves as the Support Entity to the Indianapolis Continuum of Care. The Continuum of Care is a collaborative and engaged body of public and nonprofit agencies, volunteers, advocates, funders, and individuals who are homeless or formerly homeless. As the Support Entity of the Continuum of Care, CHIP provides administrative and technical support to ensure the Continuum of Care runs as effectively as possible. CHIP’s responsibilities include:

  • Convening and facilitating the Continuum of Care governing board and other committees
  • Updating the community on local, state, and federal legislation that could impact the Continuum of Care
  • Mobilizing development of community strategic plans and committee action plans
  • Monitoring progress and performance measures of the plans

Additionally, CHIP partners with governmental and educational institutions, public and nonprofit agencies, and private corporations to break down barriers and meet community needs.


Join CHIP and the Continuum of Care to prevent and end homelessness

The goal of the Continuum of Care is to prevent homelessness whenever possible, care for people experiencing homelessness and help them find stable housing, and develop strategies to prevent returns to and ultimately end homelessness in our community. We envision a community where everyone has a right to be housed and connected to care.