Handbook of Help


A resource guide for individuals facing homelessness in Indianapolis, including where to go & how to get help.

The Handbook of Help is a listing of services available to individuals in Indianapolis who may be homeless or at risk of homelessness. CHIP annually verifies and updates information in the Handbook of Help. Each year, CHIP distributes thousands of printed copies in the community, as well as hosts the Handbook of Help online.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Handbook of Help available online?

Yes! You may access the Handbook online. It includes a searchable web version, as well as a downloadable PDF version.

How is information gathered for the Handbook of Help?

Information in the Handbook of Help is provided voluntarily by the organizations listed. The resources listed are not comprehensive of all of the services in Indianapolis. Inclusion of an organization does not in any way represent or imply a determination or approval of the quality of that organization or service, nor does exclusion reflect on any organization's contribution to the community.

Please email to submit or edit Handbook of Help listings.


How can I get my organization listed or edit my organization's listing in the Handbook of Help?

We want as many people to access this resource as possible. Because of this, we ask each organization to ask for the number they think they will use in a year, with a maximum cap of fifty (50) handbooks per request. If your organization needs less than that, please only request the number you think you will go through. Please complete request form to request copies of the Handbook of Help.

I would like to request Handbooks of Help for my organization to distribute. How many Handbooks of Help may my organization request?

We offer the Handbook of Help in Spanish online. At this time, we do not print any copies of the Handbook of Help in Spanish.

Is the Handbook of Help available in Spanish?